Dark Circles
It can be easily stated that eyes enhance beauty of a person.

Women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror doing eye make-up to get that perfect deep dark eyes to look.

Eyes play an important role in how beautiful a person looks.

So when dark circles develop under the eyes, it disturbs and affects social life.

Dark circles are one of the most common facial aesthetic problems that people of all genders face.

People suffering from it look dull, aged and tired even when they aren’t.

It can be annoying when you wake up fresh in the morning but your face looks as if you have been awake the whole night.

It is also upsetting to look like an aged person while you are enjoying the prime of your youth.

The area under the lower eyelid is covered by a thin layer of skin.

When tiny capillaries in this area break down, the skin appears to look darker.

In many cases, fluid gets accumulated under the eyelid making the eyes look puffy.

The shadow of puffy eyes also gives an impression of dark circles.

Lack of sleep can also cause fluid to accumulate underneath the eyes, causing them to appear puffy.

Causes that lead to dark circles.

➤ Hyperpigmentation
In this situation, the skin under the eyes starts producing an extra amount of melanin which turns the under-eye area dark.

➤ Anemia
It is reported that a lack of iron in the diet can also lead to dark eye circles. Eating food items such as leafy vegetables and fruits that are a rich source of iron can reverse the problem.

➤ De-hydration
When the body doesn’t receive the required amount of water, it affects an under-eye area in the form of dark circles and wrinkles. So, in order to get rid of both the problems, one must drink nearly 3-4 liters of water daily.

➤ Sunlight
Exposure to sunlight without the use of any protective sunscreen lotion triggers the production of the skin pigment melanin. The effect of melanin can be easily seen in the under-eye region due to the thin layer of skin.

➤ Age
As we age, the skin under the eye-lids starts getting thinner and transparent. As a result, the blood vessels appear more prominent and dark in color.

➤ Genetics
There are some people who lead a healthy lifestyle and take other necessary precautions but still suffer from dark circles. It is because it’s in their genes. Parents pass on the genes responsible for hyperpigmentation to their offsprings. Hereditary is one of the most common factors for dark circles.

Various treatments for Dark Circles at Derm-E-Care

➤ Chemical Peels
Chemical peels penetrate the thin and sensitive area under the eyelids to remove dead cells and other waste through exfoliation without leaving any scars. This leads to the growth of new skin that minimizes the effect of dark circles. This treatment is also used to minimize the impact of melanin by inhibiting its production. There are various types of peels available at the clinic. Dermatologists will study the target area and recommend peel best suited for the patient.

➤ Radiofrequency
Many patients complain of bulges under their eyes due to excess water retention. The shadow of eye-bags appears as dark circles. Lifestyle, dehydration, underlying diseases such as thyroid disorders, etc are some of the common causes of puffy eyes. The radiofrequency procedure works by heating the skin under the eye at a specific temperature in order to tighten it. On heating, the collagen in that area tightens and produces more of it thus flattening the eye bags. This is a safe, non-invasive procedure and may require multiple sessions to get desired results.

➤ Acupuncture
Very fine needles are inserted around the eye area to trigger the production of collagen in the thin layer of skin and improve blood circulation. These two factors are essential to get rid of dark circles. The procedure is safe and patients may experience minor pain at the time of insertion of needles. Though there are different modes of treatments available to treat dark circles, the dermatologists will decide the course of treatment after analyzing which treatment suits best for the patient. Patients on their part are advised to follow instructions and make lifestyle changes, lead a stress-free life, consume nutritious food and stay hydrated for better and faster results.

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