Botox &Fillers
Who doesn’t want to look young? But our creation is such that people age and when they do, signs of aging are clearly visible on their faces.

No matter how much we hate them, wrinkles become a reality sooner or later in life.

Everybody ages at a different rate.

Some people may show signs of aging in their late 30’s while in some cases, patients in their 20’s, come seeking a solution to wrinkles.

Be its crow’s feet near eyes, the area between eyebrows, deep horizontal lines on the forehead, sagging cheeks, frown lines near mouth, chin, neck, etc wrinkles can appear anywhere.

At Derm-E-Care, specialized and experienced dermatologists work dedicatedly to give you back that young look that you had started missing.

One of the most trusted anti-aging treatments is Botox & Fillers.

It has become very popular in the past couple of decades.

Many celebrities endorse it and choose it as an easy and safer option against going under the knife.

Botox injections are nothing but Botulinum toxin that is derived from bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

This toxin causes severe paralysis if administered in large quantities.

However, while conducting experiments, cosmetic surgeons found when a very minute quantity of Botulinum is diluted in saline solution and injected into muscles, the toxin disables the ability of the muscle to contract.

When Botox is injected in the face, it blocks the neuro-signals responsible for the tightening of muscles.

As a result, facial muscles relax and thus wrinkles and creases are ironed out.

Once the procedure is complete, patients get self-confidence back along with smooth and tight skin. The procedure may be slightly painful due to the use of tiny needles but doesn’t require any local anesthesia. In case, the pain persists or the patient develops any rashes, it can be eliminated by using ice-packs and gels that reduce inflammatory sensation. It takes a few minutes to inject Botox in facial muscle and the entire procedure can be completed in an hour or so. Patients are expected to discuss the needling procedure in advance with the dermatologist so that there is no confusion at the time of treatment. There are some instructions that patients have to follow while the injections are being given. One of them is to stay as still as possible at the time of injection so that the Botox is administered at the exact location. Soon after, the patient can head back home with a smiling young-looking face. While there will be some changes in the patient’s look soon after the procedure, the prominent lines take between one to two weeks to disappear. Botox is not a one-time solution and its effect starts wearing-off in three to six months period. For long-lasting effects, the patient may have to take injections two to three times a year.

Certain precautions should be taken after Botox
Keep your face relaxed and avoid facial expressions. Don’t massage or rub the injected area as it may cause the spread of the toxin to unrelated muscles and tissues. For safety, the patient may take precautions and not touch the face for at least a day. Avoid any facial treatment such as chemical peels, acupuncture or any other needling treatment within 24 hours of Botox.

Who should avoid Botox?
Women who are pregnant or lactating should avoid as Botulinum toxin may cause a problem to a fetus or baby. Botox is not recommended to patients who are on neuromuscular medications. Patients who are on anti-histamine medications need to stop taking medicines at least one to two weeks before the procedure. Make sure to consult the dermatologist and discuss medical history so that adequate measures and precautions can be taken.

Dermal Fillers
Another way of getting rid of wrinkles and fine deep lines on the face is to go for facial fillers. Facial fillers, as the name suggests, fill up the targeted area with collagen. The injected dermal fillers further stimulate the production of collagen to give you wrinkle-free skin. Fillers are safe, less expensive but may cause some temporary side effects such as rashes, bruising and bumps at the site. These can be easily treated once the dermal fillers procedure is complete.

So should a patient go for Botox or dermal fillers?
The answer to this important question can be easily explained by the dermatologists. People suffer from two types of wrinkles.

➤ Dynamic wrinkles
These are caused when a person makes facial expressions. When the face is at rest, there are no visible signs of wrinkles.

➤ Static wrinkles
When skin loses elasticity, permanent lines and creases are formed on the face. They stay irrespective of whether a person makes facial expressions or not. Dermatologists go for Botox to treat dynamic wrinkles and recommend dermal fillers to treat static wrinkles. In some cases, a mix of both treatments is required to get the desired results.