Double Chin

Double Chin
Imagine you are noticing double chin while watching your face in the mirror. What would you do? It is sure you feel shocked or keep wondering how it has appeared. Most people have an opinion that double chin is caused due to obesity or weight gain. But it is not the reason for all cases. There are several exercises which focus the fat beneath the neck and chin. Moreover, there are also several treatments utilized to upkeep these activities. It is mainly caused due to an additional layer of fat which develops under the skin. Also, several different factors associated with the body result in the double chin. By understanding the major factors, you can find out ways to eliminate double chin easily.

Causes of Double Chin

  • Age: As your body ages, the skin will start to drop its elasticity. It can result in the appearance of saggy or extra skin which contributes to the double chin.
  • Weight and Diet: Though weight gain is not the only cause, it can result to double chin. When you are following a diet rich in processed foods, calories, and unhealthful fats, it can result in weight gain and also cause double chin.
  • Genetics: It plays an important part in the formation of the double chin. Any person who has a previous or family history of double or skin with little bounciness has a lot of chances to develop this condition.
  • Posture: Poor posture has chances to deteriorate the muscles of the skin and neck. It further results in double chin after a period of time since the surrounding areas drop its elasticity as soon as the muscles are not used.

Treatment for Double Chin
Along with exercises, people usually look for extra treatment to get rid of their double chin.

  • Face Masks: There are several face masks that help in reducing the presence of double chin and assists in skin tightening. Glycerin masks and green tea or coffee masks help in supporting the exertions of exercises.
  • Diet: Natural diet helps in reducing double chin to a certain extent. If it is mainly caused due to weight gain, diet works well. Drinking sufficient water helps in eliminating fat from your body.
  • Surgery: Some people choose invasive procedures to rectify the double chin. The double chin is treated by following three main procedures. They are Mesotherapy, Lipsculpting, and Kybella. These options can cause side effects like pain, bruising or swelling. It is necessary to make changes to your lifestyle after the treatment. If you do not maintain, there are chances to appear back.

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