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Are you tired and finding it hard getting rid of those bulges or love–handles from the tummy, back, thighs or double chins? Planning to give up even after working hard with exercises and diets? We all know that they are very stubborn and they just refuse to move. Well, very few are lucky for getting away with just diet and exercise. But for others, modern science comes to the rescue. We now have the latest and trendiest technology where one can freeze the fat cells to death. This way, one can get rid of those stubborn cells and the best part, it can be used anywhere in the body. This amazing technology is called Fat Freezing.


What is Fat Freezing?

Fat Freezing, also known as Cryolipolysis is a treatment for the cosmetic purpose which removes fat from the body. It is branded and FDA approved. The treatment is done by freezing the fat cells from the body’s specific parts.

Just like liposuction, therapists and plastic surgeons work on the area of the body by removing the fat with the help of Fat Freezing, which otherwise becomes difficult by exercise or diet.

It is a noninvasive method, which means it does not require cuts, surgery, or anesthetic. So, one can say that it is safer than liposuction. Fat Freezing is a completely safe procedure, but one must also be aware of the possible side effects. Let’s take a deep look at how the procedure works, cost, its effect, and the risks involved.

Process of Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing takes the help of freezing temperatures to break the fat cells in a particular part of the body. The cold temperature affects only the fat cells and does not harm or affect other cells. Hence, one can be assured about it being safe and not affecting or damaging the skin or the underlying tissue.

The procedure starts with the practitioner vacuuming the skin above the particular part of the fatty tissue with the applicator that cools down the fatty cells. The cold temperature then numbs the area. It is usually not painful while some say they just experience a cooling sensation.

The cooling process usually takes an hour and does not require any healing or recovery time as no damage is done to the skin or tissue. Few people experience soreness in the area, similar to that of minor muscle injury or after an intense workout. After the Fat Freezing procedure, the fat cells take 4-6 months to leave the body. During that time, the fat area decreases by 20%.


Does Fat Freezing Work?

It has been proved that Fat Freezing works and the success rate is also high. They have been proved successful in removing the fat cells in the body and have comparatively low side effects when compared to liposuction.

Though this has proved successful to many people, few have got disappointed as well. It is not a magic or miracle and expects it to remove the fat cell completely. The procedure has failed for some people while few have experienced minor side effects.

Fat Freezing just does not work by the freezing method. Lifestyle and other factors also play an important role. The person who continues with the bad and unhealthy diet during the process of Fat Freezing will not have much fat reduction. Also, Fat Freezing only works in removing the fatty cells. It cannot be helped with the loose skin that has been stretched because of fatty buildups. A person may have extra skin after Fat Freezing treatment.

Word by Researchers

It has been found by researchers that Fat Freezing is a completely safe and effective treatment to remove fat from the body. Also, there have not been any major side effects reported to date and is just a cosmetic procedure affecting no parts of the body. A healthy diet and lifestyle are recommended after the treatment and massaging immediately after the procedure is considered good for removing the fatty cells.

Benefits of Fat Freezing

There are many benefits of Fat Freezing as it reduces the fat cells by 30% permanently. There is no requirement of anesthesia, surgery, or downtime which is related to the traditional weight loss methods.

  • Reduction of fat cells by 30%.
  • It requires just one or two sessions.
  • Visible fat reductions can be seen in weeks.
  • Cellulite appears to be smooth.
  • The treated area is sculpted.
  • It helps in the loss of the overall area.

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