Hair Bonding
Hair Bonding is recommended for people who require additional hair in a short period of time.

It is offered by functioning in close association of the client.

It is ideal for individuals between the ages group 15 and 80.

The best part about hair bonding service is, it does not cause any side effects. It is painless and non-surgical.

Hair bonding assists in improvement in the overall form of the hair.

It is the innovative, quickest and easiest approach to chuck out baldness.

It offers the best in class and special feeling since extended hair gives more opportunities for hairstyles and modifications which suit them best.

Hair bonding is very popular in Mumbai since several ladies wish to have long hairstyles for several marriages and various ceremonies.

This hair restoration procedure is highly preferred for instant results and comfortable option It is anti-bacterial, hypo allergic and driven by waterproof gel that holds the connecting hair to the scalp. At Derm-E-Care, this hair restoration process is developed to cater to the sub-tropical, humid and hot climate of India. There are no complaints and side effects registered yet. Don’t hesitate, be confident to restore hair.

Do you require Hair Silicon Bonding?
Change the social presence, obtain confidence and obtain the new look with hair bonding.

  • Hair loss in the crown region.
  • Loss of hair in patches.
  • Abnormally diminishing of hairs.
  • If you are bald.
  • Disappearance and depletion of receding hairline.
  • Unusual hair loss in the front region.
  • Hair is present only in back and sides.

Significant truths about Hair Bonding
If you are suffering from any of the following issues, do not worry. Step into Derm-E-Care and leave with hairs which look beautiful and natural.

  • It is the most famously accepted hair restoration therapy in the Canada and United States for treating baldness.
  • More than 1 million individuals choose hair bonding each year to avoid baldness.
  • Extraordinary proficiency and method to obtain natural hairs again.
  • Bonding hair is attached with existing hairs of your head.
  • It is possible to control the style, hair density will be adjusted.
  • Hair bonding is performed as per your hair type.
  • Moreover, the shape, color, and texture of the crown are coordinated.
  • Derm-E-Care offers different hair kinds which spoil you for styles and options.
  • Hair bonding needs resetting once in one to three months.
  • The resetting process is required according to pH level, sweating of scalp and weather conditions.

Hair Weaving
Dye it Curl it- The best hairstyle gives you the ultimate confidence

Derm-E-Care brings technically and professionally advanced hair weaving methods to enhance your confidence.

Be confident, be beautiful, be handsome and never allow your hairs to disappoint you.

If you want to take a wise decision, you need to choose hair weaving.

It is the most recommended hair restoration procedure suitable for people who do not like to attach hair patches on a regular basis.

It is the established method to attach hair in the scalp offering beautiful finishing and natural look.

Hair weaving at Derm-E-Care is the best result for long time hair fixing.

It does not have any servicing stress.

Hair weaving should be performed by proficient hair experts, skillful hand and a professional who can give a lasting impression with hair fixing.

Do you require Hair Weaving?
If you are feeling irritated to attach hair on an alternative day basis, you require hair weaving. Do you choose hair treatment, head massage, hair massage, scalp therapy, scalp analysis or experience scalp itching issue? If yes, then hair weaving is not right for you. It is recommended to choose hair bonding treatment with waterproofing. It does not cause any side effects.

Advantages of Hair Weaving

  • Hair weaving is best for all hair types.
  • Hair weaving restoration technique is suitable for both women and men.
  • At Derm-E-Care, hair weaving is performed by experts who establish zero falls out.
  • You have chances of obtaining long hairs, thick hair strands, instant hair solution and shining hair volume for hair loss or baldness.
  • Woven hairs color, density hair type, the shape of the crown is assessed to offer you zero difference and natural look with your original hairs.
  • Hair weaving is ideal for outdoor activities such as a business trip, holidays, adventure sports, bike ride, cycling, swimming, and gym.
  • Hair integration is another term for hair weaving. Since stable hair fixing is performed by merged to root portion of the patient’s hair, it will never place you in embarrassment.
  • It acts equal to your natural hair.
  • It gives the freedom of oiling hairs, applying shampoo, conditioning hairs, hair styling, and combing.
  • It does not have any surgical scar or side effects.
  • The main benefit is adaptableness to any hair loss reasons and flexibility.

Treat your hair issues forever with the best hair weaving procedure! We work with the main objective to offer 100% natural hair appearance in quick time. We offer such solutions for all kinds of hair with the help of experienced professionals, dermatologists, and hair experts.
Our hair bonding and hair weaving treatment can make you look gorgeous without any side effects and harm. Fix an appointment with us for more details.

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