Hair Extension
Do you lack time and patience to grow your hair?

Are you tired of sparse or thin hair which really requires more volume?

Well, you need to try hair extension services provided at Dermecare.

Think no more, get long hair or add volume instantly with our best hair extension services.

Dermecare provides human hair extensions to add length or volume or both in various lengths.

Get them beautifully colored with the trendy colors of your choice and enhance your style quotient.

In recent years, there are different types of hair extensions present in the market.

The majority of them have cheap texture and synthetic that obviously harm the hair and looks fake as well.

It is necessary to know that hair extensions are not as simple as oiling hair.

If it is performed wrong, it has chances to damage natural hair.

It is the reason it is always recommended to select an expert or professional to get the hair extension done.
The experts will guide you with aftercare practices and tips.

At Derm-E-Care, we promise to offer the best natural look with our hair extension treatment. Moreover, we use 100% human hair for hair extension services. It will be applied using a scalp and skin-friendly glue gun. After installing the extended tresses, the hair will be cut and synced in with your original hair so as to get a complete look. Styling and cutting hair extensions are important for obtaining that unnoticeable natural look. Certain hair extensions can be continuously used for about three months with proper maintenance. Hair extensions are available in different lengths, styles, textures, and colors to match all hair types.

Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Hair Extensions
Human or natural hair extensions are expensive since they can be treated, curled, set or colored. Synthetic hair extensions have chances to melt when it is exposed to high temperature while blow-drying or curling. It is mostly not recommended. Human or natural hair extension is the latest trend and it is available at Derm-E-Care.

Advantages of Human Hair Extensions

➤ Volume
Hair extensions immediately increase the weight and volume of your hair and boost the existing style.

➤ Color & Highlights
Do you wish to introduce a new effect or look? Hair extension is the instant and wonderful solution. With few flashes or highlights of color, you can change your look, either dramatic or subtle.

➤ Length
Hair extensions completely change your style. A hairstyle with beautiful thick and long hair can be elected whenever you wish. The result is immediate and dramatic.

➤ Weaves
Small braids grips hair extensions beside the scalp such as cornrows and these braids remain hidden.

➤ Double Hair Color
Double hair lets you include instant color without chemicals. It is available in 100% human or natural hair weft strips. It can be included temporarily with the help of clips or permanently utilizing the bonds to have four to six weeks of naturally beautiful hair. It is best to use double hair color so as to trial new colors instantly.

➤ Bonding
The extensions utilized for bonding comes with a latex plug. It will be glued to own hair for short-duration use. It is also an inexpensive method since it is simple and fast to perform.

➤ Weft Hair Extensions
A track of certain inches long where the hair is previously attached is referred to as weft. In simple words, the weft is the curtain of hair fixed together at the upper and bottom. It can be made by hand or a machine. The handmade weft is the best option as it is customized to match your hair and suit your head. The extensions will be applied by utilizing one track or row at the time as a replacement for stand by a stand.

➤ Metal Tubing
In this method, the metal tube is clamped over the original hair so as to attach the extension hair.

➤ Heat Shrink Tubing
Heat shrink tubing will not damage natural hair. One of the best methods is adhesive based fusion. Though the kind of adhesive utilized for this method is critical, it is still recommended. In wax-based adhesives, the melting point is relatively low and therefore it is best to use professional-grade adhesive. This adhesive can hold both chemical and heat treatments. The hair extensions are removed using adhesive remover. It dries the bonding glue to a fine powdery substance instead of dissolving through heat and messy oil.

It is an important part of hair extension aftercare. Maintenance should be performed every four to six weeks. It makes sure your hair extensions are maintained in perfect condition. It helps in keeping yourself and your hair look great. It is important to handle extensions gently. It should be tied in a braid when sleeping to avoid necessary breakage or tangling. You can also maintenance appointment once in four to six weeks to keep your style and hair extensions look best. The maintenance appointment usually takes about one hour to ninety minutes. It is a small investment you need to do to maintain that ‘fab’ look.

Hair extensions should be removed appropriately. You need to consider the long term health condition of your hair. It is advisable not to attempt without professional assistance. Hair extensions help in accomplishing a lot of unique effects and styles. You can instantly change by using length, volume, and color.

At Derm-E-Care, it is simple to transform a part head, a full head or just small sections that can give a most subtle effect or a dramatic change, it is up to you. Book an appointment at Dermecare today and flaunt these long locks which you have been imagining all these days.