Human Hair Wigs
Are you losing hair due to medical issues or other reasons?

Are you feeling depressed for being baldness?

Hair loss is a major problem faced by both men and women.

Hair is an important accessory and it is the uniqueness of human life.

Take a step ahead by opting for human hair wigs.

Wigs serve as the best accessory to transform your look and style.

There is no need to feel shy to use wigs since wigs were used since ancient times.

It is specifically used by people who do not have any hair or to cover bald location

Chemotherapy Hair Wigs
Hair plays an important role in our manner and looks to show oneself. It is an asset to human life. There are chances to lose all hair at once due to various medical reasons. Hair loss is the traumatic and disturbing impact of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The majority of cancer patients lose their hair after chemotherapy treatment. The look will disturb and affect more, besides their emotional and physical hassle. The sufferers lack self-esteem, lose their identity and have reduced morale. Most young guys and girls choose to wear a hairpiece for the sake of cultured motives. The artificial wigs manufactured for people with special medical conditions are referred to as hair prosthesis. Our wigs are manufactured for individuals who have missed their hair because of certain medical treatments or conditions like trichotillomania, chemotherapy and several other medical diseases. Such wigs are developed to cover heads. They are made from synthetic fiber, animal hair or human hair. The wigs that are exclusively designed for Chemotherapy patients are expensive. It is the best option for patients with medical conditions and wishes to restore hair.

Features of Chemotherapy Hair Wigs
We provide Chemotherapy Wigs to patients as their requirements and depending upon the quality and size they choose. We have a team of wig experts who are always ready to assist you in selecting the right type of wig for you. We aim to give the best wig as per your needs.

  • Derm-E-Care offers 100% Human or Natural hair Wigs
  • It is simple to fix and remove.
  • Wigs are cap model.
  • It does not cause any itching and sweating.
  • It is ideal for daily usage.
  • It is simple to use and wash
  • Our chemotherapy wigs will give a natural feel and look.
  • You can try numerous hairstyles as it is simple to comb.
  • No service is required.
  • The quality of the wigs mainly depends on the price.
  • It comes in four types- multi-person hair wigs, rummy hair wigs, synthetic wigs, and Human air wigs.

Features of Human Hair Wigs

  • It can be customized as it is prepared using natural human hair
  • It gives 100% natural hair look.
  • You can maintain the wig just like your own hair, you can style the wig using styling products and tools.
  • It is simple to maintain, wash and use.
  • When you touch the hair, you will get that real feel.
  • We offer wigs are per your preference, like curly, straight, wavy, etc.
  • It is simple to comb.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.

Features of Synthetic Hair Wigs

  • It is manufactured using artificial hair.
  • It is available at a very cheap price. It is available at a very cheap price.
  • It is simple to use and comb.
  • There is no need to apply hair dye since synthetic hair is well colored.
  • It does not require everyday styling since it is styled and sold.
  • Synthetic hair wigs come in three types.
  • They are monofilament wigs, full lace wigs, and front lace wigs.

Maintenance and Care of Synthetic Hair Wigs

  • It can be customized as it is prepared using natural human hair
  • When it is not in use, store the hairpiece on a mannequin.
  • This way, it remains in the right shape.
  • It can be washed once in 10 to 14 days if you are wearing regularly
  • Synthetic wigs cannot be shaded.
  • Warm styling has chances to harm the strands.

Why Dermecare for Human Hair Wigs?
Dermecare is one of the leading companies in providing a complete gamut of non-surgical hair restoration and human hair wigs in Mumbai. Our human hair wigs services include chemotherapy wigs, hair patches, kid’s hair wig, women’s hair wig, men’s hair wig, hair bonding and fixing and more. We provide hair solutions using advanced equipment and machines and premium quality hair. Human hair wigs have a high demand in the market due to high strand strength, lustrous appearance, natural look, and smooth touch. With combined work of experts and high tech machines. Dermecare remains outstanding in offering the bulk needs of clients within the limited time frame. We also provide customized services and products as per the requests of our prestigious clients. What’s more? Try our natural hair wig, chemotherapy hair wig or synthetic hair wig and improve your overall look. Contact us for more details.

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