What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is the student of skin, which is one of the largest organs of the human body. The point to note is that skin, as an organ, is both underrated and misunderstood. There are several physicians in the other domains who take as if it’s ‘Easy’ or are just seen bordering on the trivial. But one should not skin diseases are as important as any other diseases, but they are ubiquitous. At Derm-E-Care Clinic, our experts have years of thorough knowledge and practical experience in solving many of the cases related to skin. We are known to be one of the most excellent skin clinics present in Andheri. 

The Core Functions of Dermatologists at Derm-E-Care Clinic

We Get You Over the Skincare Myths

There are several skincare myths which are promoted by the cosmetic experts or the cosmetic industry. Hence, one needs to have a multi-step process or a regime to have the skin they have been dreaming of for years. This is where the role of dermatologists comes into play. The core advice given by them at the Derm-E-Care Clinic is to stay away from two important things – Smoking & Exposure to excessive sun rays to maintain healthy skin throughout. The skin doctors at our clinic are typically against the concept or chemicals, facial benefits, and surgeries. These doctors make sure to promote natural ways of recovering whatever type of skin the individual is dreaming to have.   

Always Ready to Deal with Skin Emergencies

Dermatologists take care of not just the usual skincare problems. Still, they are responsible for acting upon the skin emergencies such as skin burn, skin blistering, rashes on the skin, itching, hair falling spotting the reason of the outbreak if it is because of some infection or disease, reaction to various drug doses taken, etc. The skin doctors at Derm-E-Care Clinic have been fortunate enough to get their practical hands-on every type of skin related issue and currently have become masters or pro. They have a powerful sense of visual sense, which means that they can easily see and make out the problem with the skin. 

Understanding and Treating the Skin Problem from the Core

Through all the skills and knowledge, the dermatologists at Derm-E-Care Clinic have acquired, it has made them realize that there several skin diseases that have some very severe implications for life. Some patients come up with hormonal misbalance or severe illness such as renal or cardiac diseases, do not tend to show any signs on their skin. However, on the other hand, some individuals have some very severe skin disease issues and go through a tough time, not just physically but also mentally. Such individuals are given sarcastic and nasty comments; they are stared upon, repulsed by sight, and whatnot. It is our skin doctors who act as their last resort and help them to get over the physical and mental trauma in no time. 

Know More About Andheri

Andheri is one of the most prominent areas of Mumbai. Whenever anyone talks of Mumbai, Andheri, as an area, comes out to be the first one to be spoken of. This is because Andheri in Mumbai has been shown in several movies, many businessmen and actors and actresses also stay in Andheri. One thing for which this area is even known for is the skin specialists in Andheri. The skin dermatologist in Andheri West at the Derm-E-Care Clinic are renowned just not in the city, but all over the country to provide one of the most quality services at the best prices. Hence, do not forget to try out the services of the best dermatologist in Andheri at the Derm-E-Care Clinic.

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