Acne & Scars
Every girl and a woman desire a smooth and flawless facial skin.

Just the thought of the occurrence of acne is bad enough to give nightmares.

People who suffer from acne often go through mental trauma and in some acute cases they restrict themselves from stepping out and even stop socializing.

So what’s exactly is Acne?
It is a skin inflammation that affects many. Be it teenagers who have hit puberty or women who are going through hormonal changes. The body produces androgenic hormones which trigger sebaceous gland to produce an excess of oily sebum. This sebum along with dead skin cells start clogging hair follicles. Certain bacteria that thrive on oily sebum and dead cells, multiply to cause inflammation. In response to it, the body’s defense mechanism fights the inflammation. As a result blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, etc are formed on the skin surface. In many cases, they leave behind long-lasting scars and dark spots. Apart from the face, acne can occur on chest, shoulders and every other area of the body that has oily sebum glands. In cities like Mumbai, external factors such as humidity and dust pollution are also causes of acne. Other factors that give rise to acne are the intake of food high in carbohydrates. People who consume food items high glycemic index and dairy products are prone to acne. Smoking can also increase the chances of acne formation. Women smokers suffer more from acne than non-smokers. The cigarette smoke causes oxidative stress on skin which leads to higher sebum production.

Various treatments are available for Acne, Dark Spots & Scars at Derm-E-Care.

➤ Chemical Peels
Mild acidic solutions are applied to the skin on the affected area. As the solution enters the skin, it starts clearing the pores and destroys dead cells thus unclogging the follicles. There are different types of peels and dermatologist decides which peel to apply on the patient depending on the severity of acne and taking skin sensitivity into consideration. This procedure is widely used to heal superficial scars as it works by removing the outer layer of the skin. Patients may experience a slight burning sensation when the peel is taken-off. Some of the other side-effects due to peeling include a swollen face, rashes, dryness, and flaking.

➤ Ultrasonic Treatment
As the name suggests, these are sound waves that penetrate deep inside the lesion area. The heat generated by these waves kills bacteria, cleanses and repairs skin, reduces inflammation, unclogs pores and flushes out waste. It is a non-invasive procedure with minor side-effects and is suitable for all skin types. The dermatologist may advise 6-12 sessions over a period of 3 months to get a skin free of papules, blackheads, etc.

➤ Laser Treatment
There are many patients who look for a solution to get rid of dark spots and scars that acne leaves behind. Here the damage is not superficial but deep inside. The most common type of scar that affects nearly 80 percent of patients is an atrophic scar. It forms craters or depressions. An atrophic scar can be further divided into a boxcar, ice pick, and rolling scars. A scar is formed when collagen fills in damaged skin area and binds itself with the skin. In the process, it pulls down the skin making it look like depression or crater.

Through laser treatment, a beam of light penetrates the collagen and breaks it down without causing any damage to the skin.
The complete treatment may take anywhere 3 to 9 months.