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Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are narrow long stripes, streaks or lines which develop on the skin. Stretch marks usually appear when the skin is abruptly stretched and are tremendously common. Any person can notice stretch marks in their body. However, it affects mostly women than men. They occur on any part of the body including the lower back, upper arms, breasts, hips, and stomach. The kind of scarring occurs when the skin could not get back to normal shape after a point of intense growth mostly due to weight gain, pregnancy, puberty or weight loss. More than 50% of women notice during pregnancy.

Causes of Stretch Marks

  • Puberty: Severe growth is normal in young people who are going through puberty. It can result in stretch marks.
  • Pregnancy: About 50 to 90% of women who are expecting, experience stretch marks after or during the birth of child.
  • Medical conditions: Some conditions can result in stretch marks like Cushing’s syndrome and Marfan syndrome. Cushing’s syndrome results the body to yield too much of hormone which leads to skin fragility and serious weight gain. Marfan syndrome results in decreased bounciness in skin tissue.
  • Rapid weight gain: Stretch marks are caused even when a person puts too much weight in a short time.

Areas Affected by Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are also called as SD or striae distensae, striae gravidarum, striae atrophicans and striae. Some of the most common areas that get affected because of stretch marks

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Flank
  • Hips
  • Breasts
  • Abdomen

Facts about Stretch Marks

  • Rapid weight gain, puberty, and pregnancy can cause stretch marks.
  • There are few medical treatments for stretch marks.
  • It mostly fades after a point of time without treatment. It does not cause any long term or serious health issues.
  • They are not physically hazardous but can cause issues with anxiety and self-image. Stretch marks remain as the main concern for some people which can affect their day to day living.
  • Before stretch marks start to develop, your skin will appear pink and thin. You may even itchy or irritated.
  • Stretch marks primarily progress as raised, wrinkly streaks which can be dark brown, reddish-brown, pink, purple or red, depends on skin color.

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