Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is a popular kind of procedure to develop a visible and subtle boost in the skin. It is the best alternative method of removing the person’s loose facial skin. In thread lifting method, it causes an effect of holding the skin back and thus tightening and lifting the face. Along with lifting the skin, the threads fight to age in another method that is by provoking the healing response of the body and triggering the body through large swells of collagen to cured areas. It is very important since collagen plays an important part in the ageing procedure.

When the skin becomes weaker, it no longer can support the tissues underneath it sufficiently. It means the gravity pulls it down and stretches it. Suffusing the face’s skin with new collagen when skin laxity signs are mild helps in reducing looseness (by hydrating and thickening the skin) and preserving it from becoming worse by firming the skin.

Thread lifting procedure involves progressive and ongoing transformation for the facial materials. When a patient has taken thread lift for stimulating collagen, they will see a gradual enhancement in their skin’s firmness and tone. When the threads are in position, the healing response of the body will be continuously activated as the body will wish to restore the sutured. Our body is naturally programmed to behave in this mode when it feels any external object existing within the dermis. Luckily, as the threads placed beneath the skin during thread lifting are tiny, the patient will not sense all this happening. Most people could not feel the sutures when the skin has cured around them.

Benefits of thread lifting

➤ Non-sedating
For several patients, the main advantage of taking a thread lifting procedure instead of the face-lifting procedure is the greatly abridged recovery time connected with thread lifts. In facelift surgery, the patient will be heavily sedated. Moreover, the patient must arrange someone for driving her or him to home from the treatment center.

➤ General Anesthesia
The recovery process in thread lifting is extremely easy. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. It means the thread lift patients can take care of themselves and they will not need any person or caretaking to drive them home. They will be immediately discharged after the procedure.

➤ Affordable
As thread lift surgery is easy to perform, it is completely affordable. Though there are a lot of advantages in thread lifting, the patient planning to undertake should be aware of realistic expectations. They develop a more natural-looking and subtle result than face-lifting surgery.

➤ Age
Thread lifting surgery is suitable for patients with mild to reasonable marks of skin laxity. It is ideal for patients who are in the age group between 30 and 50. However, several patients have taken this surgery even at the age of 55 and have benefited in the best manner. It is also the best option for old patients who cannot undergo surgery because of their medical reasons. As it is executed under local anesthesia, several people with age-related conditions (not eligible for surgery, cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, and high blood pressure) can opt this treatment..

Precautionary Measures

Thread lifting is not intensive but still, the patients need to take certain precautions while healing. They need to make sure that they do not rub their face severely when applying moisturizer or cleansing it for a week after placing the threads. The patient should also try to prop their head up slightly. This way, they do not have to roll over on their face directly while sleeping.

It is a low-risk procedure. There is no chance of bleeding, severe bruising, scarring or other complications after the thread lifting procedure. In very rare cases, there are chances for patients to experience infection, irritation or sutures getting visible beneath their skin. There is no need to worry if this occurs. The sutures will be easily removed, and face of the patient will come back to its usual state.

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