About 2.1 billion adults were overweight and also various studies concluded that there will be an increase in this number. All human being wishes to be slim, trim and healthy but in this current era, this is not possible because of various reasons. Some of the main reasons for overweight are poor diet, no exercise, and sometimes pregnancy. There is a risk of many health issues if we are overweight. For the majority of people, there will be excess fat around the belly area. Many people try hard to reduce this fat by following various diet plans and exercises. When people think that this fat cannot be reduced then it can be removed using simple and also a healthy cosmetic procedure called U-Lipolysis. This treatment replaces the surgical method of removing fat and giving a perfect shape for our body. This method of removal of fat is a new one. With this, we can reduce the circumference of our body by reducing the unwanted fats from our body. There is no side effect in this procedure. The equipment used in this process is very effective and professional to handle. Only the equipment which is certified by the CE and ISO are used in this U-Lipolysis procedure of body trimming and body contouring.

Different technologies used in the treatment.

This is a painless process for removing fat from our body for making a perfect shape. It helps in reducing fat from all the fat storage areas like tummy, calf, sides, hips, Male chest, Female B-line, thighs and arms using this procedure.

Types of treatment used in U-Lipolysis procedure

➤ Ultrasound Lipolysis
It is also known as ultrasound cavitation or nonsurgical ultrasound liposuction. The ultrasound wave is passed to the targeted area in a low frequency and the energy passed into the adipose tissue of the target area is also predetermined. Once the waves are cumulated it starts to produce a cavitation effect. Because of this effect, the cellular membrane breaks and releases it to the triglycerides intercellular fluids which are then naturally and quickly metabolized. This process target only the adipose tissue so that other tissues are not affected by this technology. For this treatment, anesthesia is not needed. The changes made in our body shape using ultrasound lipolysis can be seen immediately. For best results, ultrasound lipolysis should be done regularly.

➤ Non-Ablative Radio Frequency(NARF)
An optimal amount of Radiofrequency energy is used in the dermal and subcutaneous layers. Since radio frequency is very dense it passes through many layers of the skin. The elastic fibers of the skin are targeted in this treatment. The results of this treatment are regeneration of collagen, remodeling of collagen and tightening of the skin. Fibroblasts are the main part of elastic fibers, collagen, and elastin. Once the fibroblasts are heated it starts to contract because of the contraction of fibroblasts the collagen strands come closer and as a final result of this process the skins are tightened in the targeted area and also the deep heating starts the metabolism of fat cells because of which the collagen regenerates during the treatment. The heat generated during the treatment also makes the fat cells shrink and it makes the cell produce fatty acid which is disposed of through blood and the lymph system.

➤ Vacuum Suction.
For body sculpting and for reducing cellulite this procedure is used. The most trusted treatment for cellulite reduction is the vacuum suction. The rush of blood and lymph to the skin from the tissue is caused by the vacuum produced from this technology. The skins are made more elastic and also this technology smoothens hypodermic fats. The main purpose of this technology is used to smoothen the hard fat located in our body. This vacuum pressure causes a push and pulls effect in our body which results in the smoothening of our skin and tissue. The vacuum suction helps during the non-ablative radiofrequency method. First, the vacuum suction technology smoothens the fat, the non-ablative radiofrequency technology break the fat and then they are removed by the excretion process. The connective tissue under the dermis is tightened by the vacuum suction process so that fat will not be stored at this place in the future also. The blood and lymph flow are improved by this process. This vacuum suction process also smoothens the fat. Skin complexion and texture are improved by the vacuum suction process. Fatigue and water retention can cause swelling or puffiness, it can also be reduced using vacuum suction technology.

➤ Power Vibra
In just 10 minutes it can reduce the calories in your body because of this calorie reduction your body weight will be reduced. Power Vibra is a fitness system. Power Vibra increases the blood flow and Oxygenation which improves our energy level. It also decreases blood pressure by stimulating the muscles. Power Vibra machine contains a vibrating plate which vibrates. Muscle contractions are increased because of this vibration. Muscle strength and balance can also be increased with the help of Power Vibra. Normal muscle contraction while doing exercise is 1 to 2 times per second but muscle contraction because of Power Virbra is 30 to 50 times per second. About 90% of muscle fibers are used while working in Power Vibra whereas only 40% of muscle fibers are used in a normal exercise. This process increases our muscle strength and also it develops more muscle tissues. Hormone levels are increased which is very helpful in repairing damaged muscles. It also increases the hormone level of serotonin and also decreases the secretion of cortisol.

U-Lipolysis is one of the best treatment options for obesity. Thousands of patients were successfully treated and more than 95% of clients feel satisfied and happy with treatment results. For more details, get in touch with Derm-E-Care Clinic a leading U-Lipolysis treatment center in Andheri West.