Hair loss sufferers have taken notice of platelet-rich plasma therapy because of its effectiveness. Advanced therapies like PRP might provide hope to those unsure about standard hair loss treatments. Hair transplants and pill-popping are two examples of standard therapy that may not produce the expected outcomes.


Recently, doctors have begun treating hair loss using PRP. The doctor takes a specified amount of blood from the patient and spins it to separate the platelets from other blood cells. Separated platelets are reinjected into the blood plasma.


The treatment's theory is that platelets in specialized protein cells can promote recovery. Platelet-rich blood can encourage new hair growth, according to the therapy.


The scope of PRP hair growth treatment is three sessions. This therapy can show results in three months. Individual cases may require repeated consultations and treatment.

The success rate of PRP treatment

Concerning PRP treatment, the key to getting good results is to be consistent. Each treatment session is given at a certain time and is changed based on how the patient responds to the treatment. In the first two or three months of treatment, you may be able to see results.


PRP should not be thought of as a stand-alone treatment for hair loss. When given along with medicines and other topical treatments, it has helped 70% of patients. Since the PRP treatment cost is low, anyone can choose this option and see great results in just a few months.


Is It Really Going to Work?

A group of researchers looked at the results of PRP treatments that worked.


It was found that when the treatment was given correctly, the rate of hair loss went down. Also, the results were looked at in terms of how much hair grew and how thick it was. Both of these things were found to improve a lot.


There is promising evidence to support the treatment method and the idea that it can help people who are bald or losing a lot of hair grow new hair. But PRP can't treat the underlying problem or cause that might be causing hair loss. A dermatologist is the best person to talk to about the procedure and any possible side effects, which are usually minor and easy to treat with other methods.


Once the PRP treatment is done, the patient can go about their normal activities.Here are a few things that can help you figure out if a treatment will work for you:

  • The treatment is good for both men and women.
  • People with alopecia are the ones who benefit most from the treatment.
  • The treatment can be given to people from 18 years old to 72 years old.
  • People who lose their hair because of stress have had great results with this treatment.
  • When hair loss has just started, the treatment can be done immediately and effectively, increasing the chance of success.
  • Since PRP aims to stimulate thick and strong hair growth in hair follicles that are still working normally, it can also help people who are going bald or have thin hair.

Visit only the best dermatologist if seeking PRP therapy for the best results!

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